Sam Huang


Occupying the world with a single-minded foolishness, this heart finds peace in my homeland.


Development / Consulting / Operations.

Started with embedded systems, from bare-metal programming to Linux drivers. Worked on Android Framework and research related to sensors and audio. Later, ventured into the world of APP, Web and Cloud.

In recent years, in addition to development work, I have also assisted in technical consulting, team management, and product design. I have served as CTO and technical advisor in multiple companies. I have participated in more than 30 projects and product developments spanning various fields such as hospitality, finance, education, printing, e-commerce, healthcare, and telecommunications.

Continuously exploring the balance between technology and business models.

■ IoT

Technical consulting | Product design | System development.
Product design | Business collaboration | System development

■ Web/APP/Cloud

Singaporean unicorn-level e-commerce company APP
System development
Hotel mobile concierge APP/WEB
Product design | Business collaboration | System development | Team building
Product design | Business collaboration | Technical consulting | System development | Team building
Product design | Business collaboration | System development
FinTech personal investment mobile APP
Product design | System development | Team training
Product design | System development
Product design | Business collaboration | System development | Team building
Healthcare IoT device startup
Cloud architecture consultant
Technical consulting | System development
Chain restaurant ordering system Web / APP
Technical consulting | System development

■ BlockChain

Product design | Business collaboration | System development
Product design | System development
NFT Project Launch/Smart Contract/E-commerce
Technical consulting, product design, business collaboration, and system development



Bachelor of Science in Information Management, National Taiwan University

Master of Embedded System and Wireless Networking Lab, National Taiwan University


Garmin Platform Team Engineer

Co-founder and Chief Technology Strategist at RevtelTech

Former Chief Technology Officer at TEL25

Former CEO of Inigma

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at EcultureTech

Embedded system & IoT

OpenCSL : Open Course on Embedded Systems [ github 備份 ]

AAE (ARM Accredited Engineer) Cetificate


MOPCON 2022 Panel - Discussing the Meaning, Current Status, and Future of Blockchain

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JSDC 2021 - From Cross-Platform React Native to Multi-Domain Development Journey [ Video, Slide ]

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NCF Cold Wallet Award [ 2019 Hit AI & Blockchain ]

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